What Benefits can you Get from Cross Training?

Cross training involves the combination of multiple, varied workout routines and strategies and performing them in just one comprehensive training session. Examples of the workout strategies combined in this training session are bodybuilding, boxing and track and field. With the different routines that you need to perform in cross training, your body will be able to receive a full workout. The following are just some of the many benefits that you can get from cross training.

Conditions your Body

Since you will need to perform various exercises with varied disciplines, your body will receive more than just the traditional and straightforward approach when it comes to exercises. Higher workload, variety and intensity can also increase your body’s capability. Since you will do more workouts for your body, your fitness and athletic levels will be left with no other option but to grow. Workouts that are included in cross training are not also customized to meet just a single goal, such as just improving your speed or gaining strength. They work out various body parts and muscle groups, so expect to be able to accomplish more than just one fitness goal.

With the help of cross training, you can effectively condition your body in such a way that you will gain muscle, increase your cardio-aerobic capability, lose fat and improve your speed within just one session.

Helps you Avoid Injury

Overdoing just one activity is one of the major reasons why people get injured while they are on the gym, playing field or in the court. This often triggers your body to wear down whether you are squatting, jumping or running. Repetitive movements can also cause the tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints in your body to be under extreme stress, so occasional breaks are often essential for those who work out regularly.

Cross training can help in this aspect because it involves mixing up several workout routines. This can give overused body parts the opportunity to rest while also giving the underused parts the chance to catch up and strengthen themselves. Your entire body will receive a full workout without the risk of facing injuries often caused by overdoing a particular workout or physical activity.

Strengthens your Active Recovery Ability

Active recovery refers to the practice of utilizing a new type of training as a means of recovering from the main training method. Some professional football players, for example, perform swimming as well as pool resistance routines so they can actively recover from the stress caused by their conventional weight room training and their practices on the field. With cross training, you can speed up your active recovery ability since the whole session improves your blood flow while also delivering nutrients to your damaged and stressed muscle tissues.

Cross training really provides numerous benefits for those who are keen on following its principles. Just make sure that you have enough motivation to complete each session and enough discipline to continue working out until you reach your fitness goals. Investing in the best cross training shoes is also a must to get the best results out of each cross training session, you can check out a good cross training shoes review at eWorldSports.net.

Your chosen cross training shoes will be your ally in achieving your desired outcome from the program, while also ensuring that you are comfortable enough when performing the different exercises integrated in each session.

Flora Duffy: Bermuda’s Star Triathlete

Triathlete Flora Duffy does it again. An island girl from Bermuda, Duffy continues to take the world by storm with her multiple championship wins.

In March, Duffy finished first in the 2017 MTO Champions Race, Elite Women’s category, in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She competed against some of the world’s best mountain bike racers, including last year’s winner, Ariane Lüthi.

The race kicked off at the Kayamandi Sports Fields, with a route that included a bumpy grass field, an embankment, and dusty streets in a suburb set on Pappagaaiberg’s steep slopes. In one moment she fell down but she can recovery fast. Hopefully she had a her favorite pain relief cream so was not a problem, you can read more Biofreeze vs Icy Hot .

This win was on the heels of her February victory in the 2017 XTERRA World Championships in South Africa, marking Duffy’s fourth year dominating the race.

Duffy, who made her XTERRA debut in 2013, defended her title with a more than six-minute lead over South Africa’s Mari Rabie.

Not a lot of triathletes venture into off-road racing, but XTERRA was Duffy’s welcome break from ITU racing. And the fact that she has managed to find success in both traditional and off-road formats is beyond impressive.

Duffy believes her XTERRA experience also helps improves her ITU performance. And with the ITU Multisport World Championship Festival—to be held in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada—only four months away, she has her work cut out for her.

Not only is Duffy the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Series World Champion. Last year’s win also made her the first-ever woman to win two consecutive ICU cross triathlon world titles. In 2015, she made history in her home country too as the first Bermudian to bag the ITU crown.

Bermuda will actually be hosting three events in the ITU World Triathlon series in the next three years, giving Duffy an opportunity to race and shine in her own turf.

As it is, Duffy is a star athlete in Bermuda and an inspiration to her countrymen. She has been representing the country in the Summer Olympics, starting with the 2008 Beijing Olympics, followed by the 2012 London Olympics. She placed eighth at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and in the same year reached the top step of the podium during the World Triathlon Series in Stockholm, Sweden, and earned the overall Series Crown in Cozumel, Mexico.

And yes, Duffy’s stellar record has put Bermuda on the map when it comes to the world of triathlon. She’s now widely known in the country, with locals closely following her career.

In addition, her success story has helped push triathlon in the spotlight, turning it into one of Bermuda’s major sports.

Among triathletes in the international circuit, Duffy has set the bar and taken the lead in the Multisport world, and many are starting to follow her lead. She has, after all, tried various genres of triathlon, including off-road racing. Off-road triathlon has a higher risk of injury and requires riding a mountain bike, so breaking intro this genre can be a challenge.

While Duffy is already an expert cyclist in the off-road triathlon field, she is working on becoming a more well-rounded athlete as well. Her focus: becoming a stronger runner.

Duffy, who is better known for her cycling and swimming skills, is stepping up her running game by spending more hours on biomechanics and gym work.

Consistency in training is another of her priorities. She currently has two training bases—in Stellenbosch and in Boulder, Colorado—where she can improve her running, swimming and biking.

With all the hard work she has been exerting in the past several months and with the great start she has had this season, 2017 is shaping up to be an excellent year for Duffy. Determined to being pride to Bermuda again, this 29-year-old triathlete is out to continue making her mark in the world stage.

Self Tanning hacks and tips

Hi girls, today I will talk about tips to use self tanners. In red carpet events, you will see a parade of stars in their perfectly tanned and glowing skin. Sunless tanning, unlike bed tanning and natural tanning, is free from the risk and danger of the harmful of ultraviolet rays. While it is relatively safer, it has to be performed with meticulous care as you do not want to end up with zebra stripes and orange hues. Whether you are a novice or practiced in self-tanning, here are some helpful tips you can use to make the entire process hassle-free to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

  1. Test patch

Not all skin is born equal. To get the perfect glow, it is important that the self-tanning product matches your skin tone. This should not be hard enough since most self-tanners are categorized according to skin tones. Trying on the self-tanning product becomes more relevant considering that it is not that easy to remove, more so because some ingredients in the product may cause itching and redness. Doing a test patch one to two days in advance will help you determine if you are sensitive to the product.

  1. Exfoliate (include milk and lemon mask)

If you have been wondering what causes splotching after sunless tanning, it might be because you have not exfoliated prior to the application of the product. Get the best results from your tanning product by prepping your skin through exfoliation. When you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin cells, which absorbs tanner and cause splotching. To remove a splotchy tan, one can use milk mask, which contains lactic acid that is a natural exfoliator. Adding lemon to the milk will likewise help to combat or remove streaking tans. It is also advised to use an oil-free exfoliator since oil leaves a barrier that prevents the tanner to stick evenly. Exfoliating will leave your skin smooth and radiant.

  1. Ice cubes

Ice cubes are normally part of any beauty or skincare regimen. But only few people know the benefits of ice cubes in achieving the desired natural-looking sunless tan. Just before you apply your self-tanning product, rub an ice cube over your face to seal the pores, then pat dry and apply the tanner. The ice cubes help seal the pores so the latter do not get blocked by the tanning product and bust the risk of breakouts.

  1. Best time to apply tanning product

There is no prescription as to when is the right time to apply a tanning product. However, one should be reminded that self-tanning will need some time for the product to dry and start working. This is the reason why it is best to apply tanning product before bedtime. Not only does it can leave the product overnight, but also because our body is warmer when we sleep. Experts say that while sleeping, the body becomes warm and the pores start to open, which is needed for the product to develop. Just make sure you leave at least 15 minutes between application and going to bed to avoid ruining your tan and to prevent staining your sheets.